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Amalgam and Amalgam separators

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Amalgam and Amalgam separatorsA dental amalgam is common in filling cavities, amalgam is a combination of metals and has been in use as material fillings in dentistry. The metals that form amalgams are mercury, silver, and copper with smaller amounts of zinc, and pallidum. The tooth-colored materials are now commonly used to restore teeth.

Is amalgam safe?

People have doubts about using amalgam because it has mercury. Mercury is that naturally occurring metal and it may exist as a liquid when heated it is gaseous and is easily combined with other materials. We get exposed to mercury by drinking water, soil, and food. The mercury metal is harmful to the body. The damage caused to the body by mercury is by the amounts of mercury the level is exposed to.

Amalgam separators and is there alternatives

The mercury that our body absorbs from all sources should be the ones to raise concerns. People with high mercury exposure at places of work should avoid amalgam fillings. A pregnant mother ought to avoid amalgam fillings. The dentists will use amalgam fillings safely since they bond well with the teeth and fill in cavities. The dentist will use amalgam separators to ensure that no extra amalgam is left in your mouth.

The separators are types of equipment in the dental office, and they dispose of the extra amalgam, they have special traps which are in sink drains and the tubes in them prevent amalgam from getting into the plumbing system. The separators are great in making the extra fillings that might have mercury get off your mouth. Our dentists will ensure that they suck off the extra amalgam fillings that might be left in the mouth to ensure that you have optimal oral health.

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