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Is Sedation in Dentistry Safe?

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Is Sedation in Dentistry Safe?Sedation is an option when performing any dental procedure. It consists of administering drugs, either intravenously or by inhalation of gases, to induce a state similar to sleep in a patient. A sedated patient will remain conscious and his vital functions will be under the control of our specialists at all times.

Among the different sedation methods, general anesthesia is one that involves controlled unconsciousness during complex surgical procedures. It is rather uncommon, since most dental procedures are simple and fast, but it exists as an option for patients who may prefer to remain unaware throughout the surgery process.

Sedation Risks

There are rarely any complications associated with anesthesia in dental procedures. Whether general or local, patients are always monitored by our team and treated with the utmost care. However, we take certain health factors such as age or heart problems into account when determining if a patient is a candidate for a sedation method.

During sedation, it is important for our team to be careful with doses, as large amounts of anesthesia can cause breathing problems. If that were the case, there is always special equipment and a dedicated team at hand to help patients continue their procedure as usual.

After the Procedure

After undergoing sedation, it is normal to experience some remaining symptoms of anesthesia. Many of these symptoms appear thanks to the oxygen levels in the blood, such as headaches and nausea. For this, your blood oxygen levels will be in observation for one or two hours after the procedure so you can then go home without any complications.

When arriving, it is important that you maintain proper health care: patients should eat light and healthy foods that help replenish their energy, and should avoid driving if they are not accompanied by another adult. It is also important to consult with us before taking any medication after undergoing anesthesia. If you want to know more about the different sedation methods, please contact us today.

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