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Is a bone graft essential before getting dental implants

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Evan
 Is a bone graft essential before getting dental implantsNormally, tooth loss may be accompanied by some issues like bone loss. This leads to reduced bone density and volume in the jawbone. Bone grafting is a procedure that is very necessary in such cases, it is done with the use of artificial bone grafting materials that are synthetic (alloplastic) or purchased from a human tissue bank (xenograft), or in other cases it might be taken from your own body (autogenous).

How it works

During bone grafting, a new piece of bone is inserted in the place where a bone needs to join. The cells inside then seal themselves to the old bone. A dental bone graft is a platform on which your bone tissues grow and regenerate. In some cases, the dentist might combine the bone graft with platelet-rich plasma that is taken from your blood and is used to promote the process of healing and tissue regeneration.

Is it essential before dental implants

Bone grafting happens when there is bone loss in the jaw. This procedure is performed when bone loss affects the neighboring teeth. To ensure that the jaw can support the implants for years to come, bone grafting might be necessary. It is estimated that we all lose 25% of our jawbones during our first tooth loss and therefore bone grafting becomes very necessary before tooth replacement. Failure to do this can cause your facial features to sag. The procedure is however not for everyone, instead, people with developmental defects and a history of gum disease might be recommended to undergo the procedure by their dentists. Before carrying out the procedure, our team of dedicated dentists will determine its necessity after carrying out a CT scan of your mouth. This helps in making an informed decision about a victim. Visit us to learn more about dental implants.

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