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Are Dental Implants A Possibility For Me With Bone Loss

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Evan
Are Dental Implants A Possibility For Me With Bone LossDo you want a gorgeous smile once more? Teeth that have been lost cannot be restored, but dental implants may help! They may effectively replace missing teeth. However, what if your jawbone is deteriorating? Is it possible to obtain it now? In a word, yes. How? Let us investigate it.

Dental Implants Can Help You If You Have Bone Loss

With cutting-edge surgical procedures like bone grafting and sinus lifts, it is now possible to insert dental implants relatively quickly, even in patients with bone loss. Both will work to increase the density of your jawbone so that it can more effectively support the structures that will be fusing with it and support them.

You may need this extra operation because bone and titanium need to fuse; for that to happen, there must be enough bone density. If the bone is too thin or has shrunk, it may not be able to offer the necessary support and stability for a dental implant to function correctly.

In addition, if your jawbone does not have sufficient mass, your oral care surgeon may propose a bone transplant or sinus lift before placing the implant. This is done when the jawbone cannot support the implant independently. We know that the whole process may be frightening to you, but the bone grafting surgery is often carried out under anesthetic, ensuring you are comfortable the entire time. An incision is created over the affected region, allowing the grafting material to be positioned and fashioned as required.

It is very individual how long it takes you to heal after bone transplant surgery. This refers to the total volume of bone that has to be grafted.

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