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Reasons For Tooth Extraction By Age

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Image of a tooth that has already been extracted at Madison Oral Surgery & Dental Implants. Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where a dentist removes a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. A tooth can be extracted at any stage due to different dental problems. Regular dental check-ups are crucial at all ages to monitor oral health and identify potential issues early on. Timely intervention and proper dental care can often prevent the need for extractions. Dentists try to save natural teeth whenever possible. They resort to extractions only when necessary to maintain optimal oral health and function. The following are reasons for tooth extraction based on age groups:

Children And Adolescents Tooth Extraction

Children naturally shed their baby (primary teeth) to accommodate permanent teeth eruption. Also, a child's tooth can be extracted if it suffers severe decay and can't be restored. In certain instances, orthodontic treatment may involve tooth extraction to address dental crowding and achieve proper alignment.

Teens And Young Adults Tooth Extraction

Late teens and young adults can have their impacted wisdom teeth extracted. The reason for wisdom teeth extraction could be if they are affecting neighboring teeth, causing pain, or crowding. Besides, extraction might be required if tooth decay is advanced and cannot be treated with fillings or root canals. Teeth may also be extracted as part of orthodontic treatment to address bite and alignment issues. In addition, severe periodontal disease leading to tooth mobility may necessitate extraction to maintain oral health. Extraction may be performed to prepare for the placement of dentures or dental implants. Irreparable damage from accidents or injuries can lead to tooth extraction.

Seniors Tooth Extraction

Seniors can have their teeth pulled out because of tooth fractures. Teeth may become more prone to fractures or damage due to wear and tear over time. Also, older adults can develop chronic gum disease that results in tooth loss. In some instances, tooth roots may undergo resorption, leading to tooth instability and the potential need for extraction.

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