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What Does Corrective Jaw Surgery Entail?

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Weo Admin
A corrective jaw surgery restores misalignment in the jaw and facial bones. The surgery goes beyond cosmetic improvements. It addresses functional issues like facial symmetry, bite strength, and overall oral health.

When Is Jaw Surgery Necessary?

Corrective jaw surgery is usually recommended when other orthodontic treatments like braces and aligners fail to correct jaw problems. This may be the case where the jaws are severely misaligned, leading to difficulties in chewing, speaking, and breathing. Surgery can also correct a bad bite (Malocclusion) that may make chewing and speaking difficult.

Patients with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) may also benefit from jaw surgery. The disorder affects the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jaw to the skull. TMJ patients may experience chronic pain and severe dysfunction of the jaw joint, making eating and speaking difficult and painful.

When the jaw is severely misaligned, it can narrow the airways around the tongue during sleep, leading to sleep apnea. In this case, surgery may be a better option to resolve the issue than physical therapy and medication.

The Corrective Jaw Surgery Process

Unlike most surgeries, orthognathic surgery is not a single event but a process. The OMS surgeon may first install braces and aligners to move the teeth into an ideal position for surgery and to facilitate faster recovery.

The actual surgery typically requires general anesthesia and is done in the mouth and, thus, leaves no facial scars. To hasten recovery, you will likely be put on a soft food diet for several months and use some antibiotics and pain medications as well.

Risks of Corrective Jaw Surgery

While undergoing corrective jaw surgery, there are some potential risks you need to keep in mind. In particular, there is a high risk of infection in the incision wounds if they are not properly cleaned and disinfected. Nerve injuries and excessive bleeding may also occur.

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