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5 Self-Exam Tips to Look for Signs of Oral Cancer

Posted on 4/20/2016 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
A woman examining herself for oral cancer by using a mirror.While your dentist will check out your mouth at each of your appointments in order to look for signs of oral cancer, it is important that you are also being diligent at home.

Performing regular self-exams is a good way to detect any sign of a change when it is still in the early and easily treatable stages. Use these tips to inspect your mouth for signs of a problem:

•  Examine your cheeks. Visually inspect the inside of your cheeks to look for white or red patches. Look for bumps, swelling, or lumps through touching the inside of your mouth.
•  Look at the tongue and the floor of your mouth. Stick out your tongue and inspect it for any changes in color or lumps. You should be sure to inspect the underside as well as the bottom of your mouth.
•  Check out the roof of your mouth. Use both your fingers and your eyes to check out the roof of your mouth in a mirror. Look for signs of discoloration.
•  The lips. Your lips are highly sensitive to UV rays and could develop skin cancer if they are exposed to the sun. Open your mouth and examine both the inner and outer lips for signs of a change.
•  Neck and head. Make sure that your face looks like it is the same shape on both sides. If you notice a protrusion, bump, or lump, you should definitely schedule an appointment to see your doctor.

If at any time you notice any suspicious signs or changes in your mouth, it is important to contact our office. While chances are good that the problem isn't skin cancer related and another issue is to blame, it will give you peace of mind to have an expert take a look at the area.

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