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The Various Benefits of Dental Implants

Posted on 8/27/2016 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
A diagram of how a dental implant works.Losing teeth is not fun - not replacing them is even worse. It can be difficult to gauge the value of a tooth or multiple teeth so if you are wrestling with the conundrum of whether or not to replace yours, consider this.

Tooth loss can mean permanently not getting to east certain foods, losing self-confidence and the willingness to smile, and the further degradation of your oral health.

Prettier Smile
When you lose a tooth you smile changes. All of a sudden you realize that when you smile you are showing people a big, black, gap in your teeth. Many people are embarrassed by this and will stop smiling because of it. When you stop smiling people often mistake it for dissention or depression.

When you receive a dental implant, you receive a dental appliance that looks just like a real tooth! Your smile goes back to normal and you can feel confident again!

Don't You Miss Eating Apples?
The tipping point for people who are missing teeth is often when they can no longer enjoy a favorite food. If you were to tell some people that they wouldn't be able to have corn-on-the-cob anymore, that might be all the convincing they need.

Tough foods like beef, chicken, apples, and corn become difficult to take a bite of. Hard foods like chips, crackers, and nuts can become painful on the exposed gums. Sticky foods like caramel and gum can get stuck where they shouldn't. Dental implants fully restore your ability to chew foods, just like a natural tooth.

Your Oral Health is Important

When you lose a tooth your oral health suffers and many times further tooth loss is inevitable. By replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant, the bone in your mouth is given the stimulation it needs to continue keeping the rest of your natural teeth healthy.

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