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How to Safely Recover Following a Dental Graft

Posted on 8/15/2017 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
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Getting a dental graft can be a different procedure than you were expecting. The healing process is slow and delicate. However, you can do specific things to make sure that you heal up as quickly and proficiently as possible.

If you are about to have a dental graft done, or recently underwent a dental graft, it is incredibly important that you do not forget to take care of your mouth as it heals. This can make or break your graft in terms of it helping you achieve optimal oral health.

How to Heal Best After a Dental Graft

Following a dental graft, you need to make sure that you take the time to heal. This means keeping pressure on the area, if directed to do so. This also means keeping your mouth as clean as possible.

You will be instructed following your graft what to do to keep the area clean. You also need to make sure that you keep your entire mouth clean. This will include brushing and flossing as usual, plus making sure to do salt water rinses and mouthwash when that is safe to be around your graft.

You will be given a set of instructions on how to care for your graft when the surgery is over and you are about to head home. Each type of graft has special instructions to help your mouth heal properly. Make sure that you follow those instructions carefully, and whenever you run into an issue, you find out what to do by calling your oral surgeon's office.

Call on their expertise when you run into anything that doesn't seem or feel quite right. Let them explain to you what is going on, or have you come in so they can take a look. It's better to be safe and get checked out too many times than even one time of not enough.

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