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Benefits of Oral Surgery Sedation

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Benefits of Oral Surgery SedationMany people have a fear of the dentist. They don't like the sound of the drill or the feel of the office. If a person has to undergo any type of oral surgery, that fear can magnify. It can make it very hard for a person to go through with a needed procedure.

One solution that people have is to use sedation to help a person with oral surgery. There are plenty of ways a person benefits when this is done.

Different Types of Sedation

When people think of sedation during surgery, they imagine that they are completely asleep and unaware of what the surgeon is doing to them. They worry about the side effects that come from a deep sedation like that. They do not realize that there are different types of sedation that oral surgeons use.

Inhaled sedation – Most people think of this as laughing gas. It is easy to control the level of sedation and the effects of this sedation wear off quickly. It is not typically a very deep sedation and the person is often aware of their surroundings.

IV Sedation – Another type of sedation that is easy to control and that works faster than the inhaled sedation. It is a deeper sedation, but may a person may still have some awareness of their surroundings. It takes longer to wear off.

General anesthesia – This puts a person into a deep sleep that does not end until the medication wears off. It carries with it the most risk when it comes to sedation.

Benefits of Sedation

Any type of sedation can make it easier for a person to go through oral surgery. It can make it easier for the oral surgeon to work and can help get better results from any procedure. For people who have a fear of the dentist, it is a very good option.

For more information about how sedation works during oral surgery and whether it is something to consider, contact the dental professionals at our offices for more information.

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