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Common Treatments We Can Use to Help Improve Jawbone Health

Posted on 11/10/2018 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Common Treatments We Can Use to Help Improve Jawbone HealthMany people do not think about the health of their jawbone. They may consider it if they get hit in the jaw or they may worry about it if they feel a lot of pain.

Because of that, most people are not aware of what they can do to improve the health of their jaw and to treat some of the problems that can affect the jaw health. The treatments vary depending on what the problem a person has.

Improving Health After Trauma

Some of the health problems that people face from trauma to the jaw include dislocations and fractures. The first part of treatment involves putting whatever is out of place in the jaw, back into the place it should be. This can involve manual resetting of a dislocated jaw or finding a way to bring fractures back together. For some, that is enough to restore the health of the jaw. Simple rest and taking it easy on the jaw will do the rest.

In more extreme cases of trauma, it is possible to immobilize the jaw. This takes stress off the jaw as it heals.

Other Problems for Jaw Health

One of the other issues that people face with their jaw health is the loss of bone. This can happen from age and also from poor oral hygiene habits. If a person wants implants they may need to add mass to the jaw for the implants to work.

In cases such as this, bone grafts offer patients an option. The grafts help promote more bone growth to replace hat the jaw has lost. If it is combined with a healthy diet and additional mineral and vitamin supplements, the health of the jaw will improve.

For people who do not struggle with their jaw health can still take steps to improve. The steps to follow are basic good oral hygiene habits. Following the simple rules of brushing, flossing and regular visits to our dental professionals is one of the best ways to improve your jaw health.

For more information about this or any other oral health issues, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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