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Distraction Osteogenesis Can Help Manage Facial Deformities

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Distraction Osteogenesis Can Help Manage Facial DeformitiesFor generations there were two things that a person who had some types of facial deformity could do. He could get a bone graft, which is not an easy procedure.

His other choice was that he would not do anything and learn to live with it. Fortunately, a new option is now around. It is called distraction osteogenesis, and it has helped many people with facial deformities to be able to live a normal life.

The Dental Procedure

In simplest terms, distraction osteogenesis is a surgery in which a bone is slowly and carefully split. This is so that new bone can grow between the two pieces and fill the gap. The body has the power to regenerate, which is why new bone will grow. Distraction osteogenesis is a simpler surgery than a bone graft, and it has a faster healing time. In many cases, it will be outpatient surgery.

Healing from distraction osteogenesis is similar to healing from any other oral surgery. You will be given something to help with pain management. You will also most likely be given an antibiotic so that there will be no infection. Make sure that you take the full course of the antibiotic, there should not be any left.

You will also need to return to our office several times while you are healing. This is so that we can make sure that everything is healing properly. There could be a second minor surgery, but that would just be to remove the device that is needed for the distraction osteogenesis.

Many patients are finally free from facial deformities because of distraction osteogenesis. If you or a loved one would like to learn more about the surgery and also see how it can transform lives, please talk to us about it.

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