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Signs Your Jaw is Starting to Reabsorb Itself and What You Can Do to Stop It

Posted on 4/10/2019 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Signs Your Jaw is Starting to Reabsorb Itself and What You Can Do to Stop ItWhen it comes to tissue in the body, the jaw is among the strongest. Despite this, the jaw can change shape over time. It is possible to damage the jaw and it surprises many people to find out how easy it is.

The jaw can reabsorb itself under certain conditions and unfortunately, there are many people who provide the perfect conditions for jaw resorption.

What Causes Jaw Resorption

The most common cause of jaw resorption is missing teeth. Without the support that teeth provide, the jaw will change shape. It may lose some of the bone tissue without the teeth in place. For people who turn to dentures to replace missing, teeth, the issue of bone resorption is still present. The dentures do are not as dense as natural teeth. They may not always fit properly, which cause the jaw to lose tissue. For some people the use of dentures makes bone resorption worse instead of better.

Signs of It Happening and Steps to Take
The best sign for jaw resorption is when people do wear dentures. If the dentures do not seem to fit the same way they did in the past, that is a sign that the shape of the jaw is changing and that you may have lost bone tissue.

If you do not have dentures, but do have missing teeth, if you notice the shape of your gums changing where the teeth were, that is a sign. If other teeth have moved and seem to have changed shape that is another sign. The best clues for jaw resorption are the visual clues.

When you are younger, the bone tissue can regenerate faster and that can alleviate the problem of the jaw absorbing itself. As you get older, the regeneration slows down, and you need to turn to other methods. Bone grafts are one option. You can also improve your diet and follow better oral hygiene habits to slow down the jaw resorption. Eventually, you will probably have to turn to something such as the bone graft.

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