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Basics of Endodontic Surgery

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Basics of Endodontic Surgery
The best way to overcome the fear of coming to our office and overcoming the fear of undergoing endodontic surgery is through knowledge. The more you know about what will happen and what to expect, the easier it is to manage your fears. The problem with endodontic surgery starts with the name and then goes on to the other parts of the procedure that is unknown. There are some basics that will help you understand this surgical procedure.

What is It?

Endodontic surgery is a procedure that can help save a tooth when other nonsurgical options, either won't work or have not worked. It is common to turn to this procedure if a root canal failed to resolve the problem with a tooth. The surgery can spot problems that are not easily seen during a nonsurgical procedure that can impact the health of the tooth.

Surgery After Root Canal

A root canal when done right can last a lifetime. There are times, despite the best efforts, that a root canal becomes infected or displays symptoms that the tooth is not healthy. This can happen at any time after a root canal. For some, symptoms will appear in a few days while others may not have problems with the root canal for months or years.
The most common endodontic surgery is an apicoectomy. This is also known as a root end resection. During this procedure, the gum is opened to allow us to see and remove the area of infection and if needed the root end. A small filling is put in place if needed and the gums are stitched up.
Some of the other types of endodontic surgery include dividing a tooth in half, repairing a damaged root or removing one or more roots. It is also possible to do an intentional replantation where a tooth is removed, treated and put back into place.
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