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Understanding The Basics of Pericoronitis
Posted on 9/21/2020 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Understanding The Basics of Pericoronitis

If you are feeling swollen gum tissue, and a dull pain toward the back of your mouth, you may have pericoronitis, which is the swelling of gum tissue around your wisdom teeth, also called your third set of molars. Sometimes wisdom teeth lack the necessary room to come in, therefore only partially coming in, and this can lead to that swelling.

Why Do I Have Pericoronitis?

The most common reason for pericoronitis, is a crowded mouth that has no room to allow the wisdom teeth to completely pop through. The swelling, as a result of pericoronitis, simply stems from the wisdom teeth being sort of stuck, and not able to pop through the gums completely. Other reasons include poor dental hygiene, pregnancy, stress, bacterial infection, or a virus. The gums get irritated and swelling occurs. The pain and swelling may disappear on its own, sometimes lasting a few days, or become chronic, lasting only a day or two, but returning often. You will know if you have pericoronitis, if you feel swollen toward the back of your gums, have a dull pain in that area, or possibly a bad taste in your mouth.

How to Fix It

Unfortunately, this swelling and pain may not go away until the tooth, or teeth finally come completely through your gums. While waiting for that to happen, thankfully there are some options to rid your mouth of this uncomfortable, painful feeling. Your dentist will clean the area and remove any pus if necessary. If an infection is suspected, antibiotics may be prescribed. As a last resort, if necessary, it may be recommended that the tooth or teeth be removed to relieve you of pericoronitis. Although that sounds complicated, in our office, we make it as easy and comfortable as possible, so you can become pain free, and get on with your life. Contact our office today.

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