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Times Where We May Recommend a Dental Bridge

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Times Where We May Recommend a Dental BridgeAdvances in the field of prosthodontics have introduced many different methods for restoring missing teeth. One of these methods is the dental bridge. A dental bridge is a row of replacement teeth that is held in place by crowns placed on healthy, neighboring “abutment” teeth. Here are some instances where we may recommend a dental bridge over other restorative options.

You Have a Few Missing Teeth in One Section

A bridge can be used to restore one or more missing teeth in a single part of your smile. For example, if an accident or injury caused you to lose a few teeth all in a row, but the rest of your teeth are healthy, a bridge would be an excellent choice to “bridge” this small gap in your smile. But if tooth decay or gum disease resulted in you losing multiple teeth in different areas of your mouth, or even an entire arch of teeth, we would most likely recommend dental implants or complete dentures instead.

Your Remaining Teeth Are Healthy

Since bridges involve placing crowns on “abutment teeth” on either side of the gap in your smile, these teeth need to be healthy. The abutment teeth are crucial for supporting the neighboring prosthetic teeth and holding the dental bridge in place. If you are only missing one or a few teeth in one area and your remaining teeth are strong, healthy, and free of decay, you are probably a good candidate for a dental bridge.

You Have TMJ Resulting from Alignment Issues

If you suffer from TMJ symptoms like jaw pain, headaches, and popping or clicking sounds when you open your mouth, you might have a misaligned bite. In addition to contributing to TMJ, bite issues can also damage your teeth, wear down your jaw unevenly, and contribute to tooth loss. A dental bridge can restore your smile to proper alignment, help alleviate TMJ symptoms, and protect your teeth and jaw from future damage. Call us to find out more about dental bridges.

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