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Clenching Your Teeth Could Lead To Cracked Teeth

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Clenching Your Teeth Could Lead To Cracked TeethClenching is an activity occasioned by Bruxism. This is a condition where you grind or gnash your teeth involuntarily. Sleep bruxism is considered a sleep-related joint movement disorder. Sadly, individuals who grind or clench their teeth are more likely to have other conditions like sleep apnea. If you clench your teeth, you could cause significant damage to your teeth, including cracking them.

How Clenching Causes Cracks

The repetitive act of clenching and grinding of teeth can cause them to crack. Besides, it can lead to tooth pain, ear pain, and jaw pain. If the clenching is not controlled, it will slowly remove your teeth' enamel, often leading to chipping and wearing down. In extreme cases, your teeth will crack. This makes your teeth vulnerable because once the enamel has worn down, there are high chances of tooth decay. Clenching of teeth can also lead to cracking and wearing your teeth down far enough to where they need dental crowns. Besides, untreated teeth clenching can cause damage to the appearance of your teeth, leaving them in need of restorative procedures like veneers.

If you are experiencing bruxism symptoms like clenching or grinding, you should schedule an appointment with us immediately. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your symptoms and monitor the wear on your teeth over several dental checks. After that, we will be able to determine the possible cause and offer appropriate treatment options. Keep in mind that tooth clenching can have far-reaching consequences beyond your oral health. Also, research shows that those with teeth grinding problems don't eat certain foods due to the damage they have on their teeth. Therefore, you can miss out on essential body nutrients if you don't eat certain foods. All this is caused by teeth clenching. Visit our offices for more information on how clenching can cause cracks in your teeth.

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