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How We Can Help Rebuild Your Jawbone

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
How We Can Help Rebuild Your JawboneYou can suffer jawbone loss for various reasons. Fortunately, we can provide services that will rebuild your jaw bone so you can improve your dentition or receive implants. The following information gives you more details about how jawbone loss can occur.

Missing Teeth

Your jawbone may lose density if you have missing teeth or have a bridge. The bone loss is the most significant during the first 18 months after a tooth extraction but continues indefinitely unless the loss is treated. If an area where there are missing teeth, including a bridge, is not stimulated, the bone will lose density.

Other Reasons for Bone Deterioration

Another reason for jaw bone loss is periodontitis. After the bacteria in periodontitis affects the gums, it moves onto the bone. Osteomyelitis, which represents a bacterial infection in the bone marrow of the jaw, can lead to inflammation, which reduces blood flow and damages the bone. Bite misalignment and sinus deficiencies can lead to bone loss as well.

Bone Reconstruction

Any bone loss of the upper or lower jaw requires special reconstructive techniques. If bone loss has advanced, it can lead to a lower thin lip or a sunken-in appearance. Therefore, we use advanced bone grafting and implant placements to provide a stable foundation for improving the smile. These procedures also reconstruct the soft tissues of the mouth to reduce the appearance of aging. Usually, bone grafts take about an hour, on average, to complete.

If you want to improve your appearance and dentition, you can do so by rebuilding your jaw. Bone grafting smooths out lines and wrinkles and makes your lips look fuller. You will also lose that retreating look your face may now convey. Learn more about the process by scheduling an appointment for a consultation today. We can give you full details about jaw bone reconstruction, what exactly it involves, how much it costs, and forms of payment.

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