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Hydration is Essential for Proper Healing After Oral Surgery

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Hydration is Essential for Proper Healing After Oral SurgeryAfter undergoing oral surgery, the next step is the healing process. As much as there is a certain period of time within which surgical wounds heal, several things can help speed up the recovery. One of them is staying hydrated. Drinking water is vital because it helps maintain the balance of fluids in your body. This includes an increased production of saliva that is very important in the recovery process. Apart from drinking pure water, there are other types of fluids that will help speed up your recovery.

Coconut Water and Ice Cold Water

Apart from placing packs of ice on your cheeks and face after oral surgery, it will also help if you drink iced water. Ice will not only help relieve the pain but also reduce the swelling. Besides, ice numbs the affected part of your mouth. Another tip to help speed up recovery after oral surgery is drinking ice-cold coconut water. Given that you won't be eating solid foods, it can easily affect your blood chemistry. Coconut water helps keep the blood sugar levels low and speeds up your recovery.

Salt Water

Saltwater is crucial in speeding up recovery after oral surgery. Making this type of water is easy; all you have to do is mix a teaspoon of salt and a glass of warm water. You should drink a glass of saltwater four times a day or at least after every snack or meal. This will reduce the risk of infections by keeping your mouth clean. Saltwater comes in handy, especially during the first few weeks after the surgery. During this time, you will not be able to brush your teeth like you are used to. As a result, bacteria can easily accumulate and cause infections. Contact our offices for more helpful tips after oral surgery.

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