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Can I replace lower and upper teeth with All on 4

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Can I replace lower and upper teeth with All on 4The All on 4 concept gives dental implants to those parents who have lost an arch of teeth and do have enough bone density to support six to eight implants. The treatment can be used to replace missing teeth in the lower and upper jaws on the front of the jaw, two implants are positioned vertically. This concept makes sure that it optimizes jawbone and improves the chances of success of implants.

Benefits of All on 4

The All on 4 treatment helps in the restoration of functioning and aesthetics of a patient's teeth. The teeth appear to be natural and they give you a good smile, comfort, and function like natural teeth. The replaced supported implants tend to be more comfortable since they are not supported by the gums but by the implants. There is no need of having a bone transplant after going through the All On 4 treatments, it makes sure that the healing process will be done once without many surgical procedures.

Implants and All on 4

Teeth in the mouth are important since they help in the performance of various activities. The teeth help in chewing and biting. Teeth will assist in communication and effectively since they streamline the speech. The teeth will also be of importance in the maintenance of the health of the jawbone. Teeth will also give you that smile that you will find attractive grin. When the teeth are lost it is difficult to perform normal functions and the grand smile will fade. The jawbone which is kept in shape by the teeth loses its shape, degrades, and the facial features experience drastic negative impacts. To maintain a healthy grin, smile, face, and even to be able to use the teeth at all times visit the dentist and we will help you in the maintenance of it by having the All On 4 treatment.

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