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Are All on 4 Implants Easier to Get Than Full Dental Implants?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Are All on 4 Implants Easier to Get Than Full Dental Implants?When it comes to getting new teeth, it is easier to get All on 4 implants over full dental implants. You have to have more implants placed and the process takes longer if you choose full dental implants over All on 4 implants.

How an All on 4 Treatment Works

You can get a full set of fixed dentures by having an All on 4 procedure performed, as the 4 sets of implants are placed strategically in the jaw. Often, this process makes bone grafting unnecessary because of the angle in which we place the implants in the jaw bone. If you wish to avoid going through bone grafting or want to find a quicker solution to replacing several missing teeth or edentulousness, an All on 4 procedure may work for you.

One Alternative to All on 4 - Fixed Bridges on Implants

You may also consider getting fixed bridges on implants. Often, this procedure requires less bone removal or no bone removal at all and the bridges function just like real teeth. Also, this form of implantation causes little changes in how a person speaks. The bridges do not cover any part of the plate and can be cleaned just like regular bridges. No special abutments are necessary, like All on 4's, which require correction abutments to angle the implants.

Snap on Dentures

Besides All on 4 dentures, you may consider dentures that snap down onto the implants, which may be removed for daily cleaning. While we normally implant 4 implants for snap on dentures, we may also use two. Each implant and related attachment can be adjusted up to 7 levels of retention for the patient's level of comfort. This form of implant treatment gives a denture wearer added stability and is less expensive than bridges on implants or All on 4 therapy. You will need to schedule follow-up visits every 3 to 18 months to replace the attachment inserts.

The convenience of All on 4 dentures still make them highly popular among people wishing to replace missing teeth or removable dentures without implants. To learn more about the procedure, give our office a call for an exam and consultation.

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