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My Teeth Aren't Touching When I Bite How to Treat This Issue

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
My Teeth Aren't Touching When I Bite How to Treat This IssueWhen you bite your teeth are supposed to touch, however, if you have an open bite or malocclusion, the teeth won't touch. This is a common dental issue that can be corrected. An open bite is a kind of malocclusion that happens when the front teeth do not touch while the back teeth are aligned. It may also occur when the back teeth do not touch while the front teeth fit normally. Several things can cause open bites, including sucking on your thumb or pacifier, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, tongue thrusting, and genetics.

Treating an Open Bite

An oral and maxillofacial specialist may recommend different kinds of treatment for an open bite depending on the cause and the severity. Behavioral modification can help children and adults change the habit of thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Dental braces can help treat misaligned jaw. Not only do braces treat an open bite, but they also help with overbite and underbite. For underbites, a dentist may fit jaw expanders instead of braces. Also, the dentist may utilize these oral appliances before performing corrective jaw surgery.

Another option for treating open bites is to have a maxillofacial surgery procedure. Although this is seen as the last resort, it is an important corrective measure that focuses on the jaw, mouth, face, neck, and head. Maxillofacial surgery can treat open bites, underbites, as well as overbites.

Undertaking the surgery can help speak better, eat easier, and alleviate any pain or discomfort. It can also help prevent further teeth problems such as cavities and fractures. Surgery can help you restore a beautiful smile and boost self-esteem and confidence. Request an appointment today to find out how we can treat malocclusion issues in your mouth or jaw. Our oral and maxillofacial team is here to help you address your jaw and teeth problems using effective treatment procedures. Sometimes, you may not even need surgery to correct your bite or jaw misalignment.

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