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Does your toothbrush require special care?

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Does your toothbrush require special care?If you want to have perfect dental health, you need to take special care of your oral tissues. One effective way that you can ensure that you practice good oral hygiene is through proper maintenance of your toothbrush. Your toothbrush is an important part of your dental hygiene practice, helping you remove plaque and food particles from your mouth. However, poor maintenance can be a source of germs and bacteria which can come back to affect your dental health. You therefore must pay special attention to your toothbrush, to ensure maximum protection.

Rinse With Plenty of Running Water After Use

After using your toothbrush, you should wash it using running water. This is important to remove excess toothpaste, bacteria, and food particles that get trapped within the bristles. This will ensure that you do not take back germs or bacteria the next time you use your toothbrush.

Store it in A Position Where The Head Is At The Top

After washing it, put the toothbrush in an almost hanging position. When your toothbrush is in an upright position with the head at the top, the water will drain out carrying food particles from the bristles. This will also aid in the drying of the bristles. Bacteria thrive in wet conditions and ensuring that your toothbrush is dry will limit the chances of accumulation of bacteria on your toothbrush.

Change Your Toothbrush after Every Three Months

To avoid using a toothbrush that is full of germs and bacteria, it is recommended that you get a new toothbrush regularly. A new toothbrush will have strong bristles that can clean your teeth effectively, and most importantly will be bacteria-free. You can talk to our dentist about the best toothbrush to use, and how to take good care of it for optimal oral wellness.

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