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What an oral maxillofacial surgeon can do for you

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
What an oral maxillofacial surgeon can do for youOral maxillofacial surgeons undergo additional years of training and experience in residency medical training after graduating dental school. This expertise and extensive training allow them to perform complicated dental procedures that general dentists would not treat.

An oral maxillofacial surgeon can

Treat damaged tissues of the face, jaw, and teeth region. Patients with damaged facial bones, jaws, knocked-out teeth, fractured cheekbones, nose, and eye orbits, especially due to injuries and traumas, can get treated by OMF surgeons. After sustaining injuries, especially on the face, and OMF surgeon can help repair fractures and damaged soft and hard tissues of the head by excluding the brain.

For patients that need to enhance repair or reconstruct their facial structures and appearance, an OMF surgery could come in handy. OMF surgeons help restore functioning as well as boost esteem for patients. Botox treatments, Juvederm and volume dermal fillers, rest alone, radiesse, silicone injections, nose reconstructions, and liposuction are some of the aesthetic surgical procedures an OMF surgeon can provide.

An OMF surgeon can also help improve the alignment and functionality of jaws before orthodontic procedures to help align protruding or misaligned jaws that bring bite, sleep, and breathing deformities. Patients that need tooth replacement or dental implantation could require the intervention of an OMF surgeon to help restore the supportive structures through pre-prosthetic surgery.

An OMF surgeon can help align misaligned soft and hard tissues of the mouth that block the airway in sleep for patients with obstructive sleep apnea. This condition can be uncomfortable and other serious complications like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other general health diseases. This condition could also be fatal. An OMF surgeon can also help in administering anesthesia before oral surgeries and procedures to help reduce pain and discomfort for patients.

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