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What You Need To Know About Bone Resorption

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
What You Need To Know About Bone ResorptionBorn resorption is a natural process that involves the removal of old bone in order to create new, healthy bone in a determined area. However, due to certain factors, the resorption rate can become higher, thus making the lost bone hard to regenerate. Over time, this may lead to a decrease in your bone mass, which can make an area vulnerable to fractures. When the resorption occurs in the jawbone, it can also make teeth become loose.

Symptoms of Jawbone Loss

When the rate of resorption increases, you may start to notice some of its side effects. If you feel discomfort when you chew or bite, or if you see changes in your facial structure, it could be the result of a jawbone that started to resorb. A weakened jawbone also makes lips begin to sink inward, and produces regular headaches and jaw pain. Speaking difficulties and dentures that start to fall out of the mouth are other signs of jawbone resorption.

What Causes Bone Loss in the Jaw

Osseointegration allows the reinforcement of bones where they are mostly used. When you chew, your jawbone uses a huge amount of force in the process. This force is important, as it provides the required stimulation to maintain the osseointegration cycle and ensure your jawbone remains strong.

If you have even a single missing tooth, gum disease, or cavities, that jawbone area will no longer receive stimulus. Therefore, the osteoblasts start to break down, not prioritizing rebuilding the bone structure in said area, thus weakening it over time. A weakened jawbone can pose a problem to your quality of life, so it is important to fix the problem as early as possible. Visit our offices today and learn more about bone resorption, and how you can restore your jawbone to its former glory with the use of dental implants.

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