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When Do You Need Maxillofacial Surgery?

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
When Do You Need Maxillofacial Surgery?A maxillofacial surgeon can assist you with oral concerns involving the jaw and face. Many individuals wonder why a regular dentist will not assist in resolving concerns involving the face and jaw. If a dentist determines that your condition necessitates jaw or face surgery, he or she will always recommend you to a maxillofacial surgeon.

What Maxillofacial surgery does

The maxillofacial surgery will treat TMD/TMJ and the problems connected with them. Maxillofacial surgery is well-versed in disorders that affect not just the jaws and teeth, but also the soft tissues and bones of the face. A maxillofacial surgeon provides an anesthetic during the surgery. Every maxillofacial surgeon is a surgeon, but not every oral surgeon is a maxillofacial surgeon. Oral maxillofacial surgeons have extensive medical training and skill, as well as certification to conduct additional treatments on the face. Oral surgeons are limited to treating diseases that affect or occur within a patient's mouth. Root canals, impacted teeth, crowns, and fits will be handled by oral surgeons. Cases such as cleft lip or palate, aberrant chewing, difficult tooth extraction, persistent discomfort in the face, and bone–fused dental implants will be handled by maxillofacial surgery.

Limitations of maxillofacial surgeons

There are no restrictions on the sorts of surgery that a maxillofacial surgeon can do. If your disease extends beyond the mouth, you will require the services of a maxillofacial surgeon. This includes disorders like nasal cavity anomalies, which are treated by a maxillofacial surgeon. This is the type of surgeon you require if you have suffered a facial injury. Another reason you might need to see our maxillofacial surgeon is if you've seen abnormal development around your lips, neck, or even your skull.

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