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Postoperative Complications Associated with Oral Surgery

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Tessa Smith-Greisch
Postoperative Complications Associated with Oral SurgeryOral surgery is a common treatment for many oral health problems. Typically, this procedure is well known to solve many problems, such as oral cancer, cleft palate, and TMJ disorders. Despite the success of this approach in treating the various condition, cases of postoperative complications have been reported. Thus, it is essential to understand such risks before going for such procedures. Here are the common postoperative complications of oral surgery:


Infection is among the common complications after an oral surgery. You must follow your dentist's instructions for healing and take any prescribed antibiotics as directed by your dentist or doctor. If you have not been able to heal properly after one to two weeks, contact your doctor immediately.

Postoperative Bleeding

Bleeding occurs when blood vessels are cut during surgery, and bleeding occurs inside your mouth or throat. This is more common with procedures that involve cutting through bone, such as wisdom tooth removal or maxillary sinus lift procedures, than with procedures that do not involve cutting through bone, such as implant placement or gum grafting. Blood can also come from other parts of your body besides your mouth, such as when you have nasal bleeding due to a deviated septum repair procedure.

Temporary Swelling

Swelling is normal after surgery and usually goes away within a few days to weeks. However, if the swelling lasts longer than expected or becomes painful or discolored (dark red or purple), it could indicate that an infection has developed.

Nerve Injury

The most common nerve injury is a facial nerve injury (cranial nerve VII), which occurs when the surgeon accidentally stretches or injures one of the branches of this nerve during surgery. This can cause weakness on one side of the face, including drooping eyelids, drooping mouth corners, and sagging cheeks. These symptoms usually resolve within several weeks to months after the surgery but may remain permanent in some cases.

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