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Wisdom Teeth Removal
Madison, WI

Dr. Ebben looking at a digital x-ray with team member before a wisdom teeth removal procedure at Madison Oral Surgery & Dental Implants in Madison, WI
When it comes the time that you start feeling feverish and getting painful sensations in your mouth, you might need to be wary of two things: an infection or an impacted wisdom tooth. While the former can be avoided, growing wisdom teeth is an indisputable fact of life. Everyone gets them eventually. However, wisdom teeth do not always become painfully impacted. But for those who do, we may need to do a special extraction to alleviate the pain. And in some very special cases, removing them also saves other teeth. That is why it is always important that you get your teeth checked in our office at Madison Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, especially when you feel sore toothaches.

Why We Need To Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that grow from our mouths. And it is a product of our evolutionary past. When human brains had to grow bigger, we lacked more space for all of that brain tissue. So we had to take up some of the space reserved for our teeth, which we seemed to have too much of thanks to our use of tools. However, that is not the real reason why we need to remove our wisdom teeth. In fact, some wisdom teeth do tend to grow without becoming painful. But when your wisdom tooth ends up growing in the wrong direction, it could push your other teeth from the roots. This then becomes painful and potentially possibly destroys the tooth.

How We Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

When that happens, we try to remove your wisdom teeth through surgery. Wisdom teeth removal is different from normal teeth extraction. Mainly, your wisdom teeth are usually hidden under the gums. So we will need to cut through the gums with a scalpel and work on them one at a time. After cutting through the gums, we will be able to have a good look at your wisdom tooth. Depending on how it looks, we may be able to extract it as is. Otherwise, we will need to cut it up into small pieces before removal. Either way, the removal should not last more than an hour or so. We may even be able to remove all four when needed.

The process of wisdom tooth removal is simple and pain-free. Throughout the whole procedure, you would be put under anaesthesia, so you should not be too worried about the pain. However, we do advise pregnant women to postpone having a wisdom tooth removal during their first two trimesters. Strong anaesthetics can be bad for fetuses during this stage of pregnancy. If you really need to get an extraction during pregnancy, we usually advise future mothers to have it during the third trimester. But that still depends on more than a few factors.

Whether it is a wisdom tooth or a broken tooth, there is nothing wrong with visiting us to get your teeth checked. But if you do need some relief from your wisdom tooth’s painful aches, our top dentists at Madison Oral Surgery & Dental Implants can help. Just give us a visit or call us at (608) 960-7650 to schedule an appointment.

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