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Impacted Canines
Madison, WI

Girl smiling after getting her impacted canines treated at Madison Oral Surgery & Dental Implants in Madison, WIThe canine tooth of the upper jaw (also called a cuspid or eye tooth) is the second-most common tooth to become impacted. An impacted tooth is a tooth that fails to erupt completely into the mouth. The canine tooth is a critical tooth for biting into food. Its pointed shape helps you to tear into food such as meat or tough bread.

Normally, the upper canine teeth are the last of the "front teeth" to erupt into place. They usually come into place around age 13 and may cause any space left between the upper front teeth to close tighter together. In cases where the canine is impacted and will not erupt spontaneously, the orthodontist and oral surgeon work together to get these unerupted teeth into the correct position.

In most cases the orthodontist places braces on the teeth (at least the upper teeth) and a space is opened to provide room for the impacted tooth to be moved into its proper position. Once the space is ready, the orthodontist will refer the patient to the oral surgeon for a simple procedure to have the impacted tooth exposed and an orthodontic bracket placed.

The orthodontist can begin work on moving the tooth into position one to two weeks after the oral surgery. This is a carefully controlled, slow process that may take up to a year to complete.

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The doctors of Madison Oral Surgery & Dental Implants would like to inform you of the enhanced safety protocol developed for our office in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, American Dental Association, and local government, we have enhanced our already stringent protocols for hygiene and safety.

•  All patients and staff wear masks
•  All patients and guests are screened with a COVID-19 questionnaire and temperature check prior to admission to our clinic lobby. Hand hygiene is performed before entry.
•  All personnel have twice daily temperature checks
•  To allow for social distancing, we have reduced the number of patients and guests in the office at one time and spaced the seating in our lobby appropriately
•  Allow more time for disinfecting between patient encounters
•  Increased disinfection of frequently touched surfaces including counter tops, handles, lobby seating, and bathroom surfaces
•  New, single use pens to avoid germ sharing between patients and personnel
•  Procedural personnel wear N95/KN95 masks and face shields

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